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USD 39.99

Version 9 Upgrade License

If you already purchased a previous version of Letter Opener for macOS Mail (Letter Opener Pro), enter your license code for an Upgrade License here:

USD 19.99

You will instantly receive

  • An email with your license code and another email with your receipt
  • All version 9 updates and all compatibility updates for macOS Sierra 10.12

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In-app purchases: Winmail.dat Premium, MSG Premium, XPS Premium.

USD 9.99

per in-app purchases

Letter Opener for iOS

Winmail.dat Premium, ZIP Premium.
USD 3.99 per in-app purchases

Frequently asked questions


Can I purchase Letter Opener for macOS Mail in the Mac App Store?


Because of the seamless integration into macOS Mail, Letter Opener for macOS Mail can not be distributed over the Mac App Store. Letter Opener for macOS is available for sale in the Mac App Store.


Can I install Letter Opener for macOS Mail on multiple machines?


You can install it free of charge on every Mac you own. Please refer to your email containing your license code to install the application on an additional machine.

If more than one person will use Letter Opener for macOS Mail, then multiple licenses must be purchased.


Do you offer multi-user discounts?


Yes, if you are buying more than one license you will get a better deal! Just enter quantity in the store to see the discount. If you are seeking quantities over 15 licenses, please get in touch.


Can I upgrade from Letter Opener for macOS to Letter Opener for macOS Mail?


Yes, we offer a discounted upgrade through the our store with a valid proof-of-purchase. Just get in touch with us.


What is your upgrade policy?


Like most professional software, any major versions (1.0, 2.0, etc.) are paid upgrades. All maintenance updates will be free.

For users who purchased within 30 days of a major version release, we will offer a free upgrade.

This policy might be revised from time to time based on market conditions, but our goal is to be as fair to loyal users as possible while creating a sustainable business.