Letter Opener

The winmail.dat solution for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Some people still use Outlook. And whenever they send you something like an attachment or appointment, it shows up in your Mail with a winmail.dat file attached. (Ugh.)

But Letter Opener seamlessly converts all types of Outlook’s irksome winmail.dat files. (Hooray!)

  • Browser attachment of a winmail.dat file
  • Displays nested messages
  • Adds appointments directly to iCal
  • Converts notes with incredible simplicity
  • Creates contacts in Address Book
  • Reads and delivers receipts

The easiest way to view winmail.dat

Mobility demands simplicity. And with Letter Opener, opening and converting winmail.dat attachments on-the-go has never been easier. Seriously.

Contact us

For support and other inquiries, you can write to support@creativeinaustria.com in English or German.

Release notes

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Letter Opener Mobile requires a iPhone with iOS 5.0 or higher, or a iPad with iOS 5.0 or higher!